About Us

Based in the UK, Brass Tacks Media is a public relations and social media company, dedicating its expertise to working hand-in-hand with destinations, technology, and lifestyle brands.

Our mission? To deliver compelling narratives through media coverage – both targeted and measurable – that resonates with a brand’s audience to genuinely make a difference.

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the nuances of performance PR, brand PR, and industry PR. By merging these elements, we create a holistic approach that places our clients in the right conversations at the right time.

We work in seamless partnership with The Abbi Agency, an award-winning public relations and integrated marketing firm in the United States. Together, we provide effective media support from London to Los Angeles, from New York to Yorkshire

Brass Tacks Media is underpinned by
4 key principles


Content is the bridge that connects brands to their audience. We believe in crafting compelling narratives that not only tell a story but also captivate the hearts and minds of consumers. By combining insights from our research with a deep understanding of our clients’ ethos, we create content that stands out, resonates, and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression.

Building and nurturing relationships are at the heart of effective public relations. After all, a great strategy and compelling content can only make an impact if they reach the right audience. Our outreach efforts are more than just communication: they are about forging strong meaningful connections that help to amplify our clients’ voices.

At the heart of every successful campaign is comprehensive research. We pride ourselves on delving deep into the ever-changing landscape of destination and lifestyle brands. By keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends and shifts in the broader landscape, we ensure our clients are always a step ahead.

In today’s dynamic media environment, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it. Recognising this, we craft strategies that resonate with the contemporary media market. More than that, we believe in the power of alignment; every strategy is tailored to our client’s unique objectives and aspirations.

Together, these four pillars define our ethos and guide our every move. At Brass Tacks Media, we’re not just about public relations; we’re about crafting a legacy for our clients in the world of destination and lifestyle brands.

Meet The Team

Lydia Eason

Owner / CEO

Abbi Whitaker


Ty Whitaker