Bidstack, the leading in-game advertising platform, was one of the first companies to enable direct and programmatic buying of ad inventory within video games, but the in-game ad tech space had become crowded with competitors offering similar solutions. Bidstack needed to increase awareness among the U.S. advertising, marketing and gaming industries to generate more conversations around the company and its offering. 



Brass Tacks and The Abbi Agency interviewed Bidstack’s leaders to discuss how Bidstack is creating value for its customers and the industry, and its key differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Mainly, the intent was to discover the problem Bidstack was solving, and the solution it had built to solve that problem. Brass Tacks and The Abbi Agency also conducted a content analysis of Bidstack and its top competitors to determine if there was a gap in the narratives being shared that Bidstack could own.


The Integrated Idea:

Brass Tacks and The Abbi Agency set out to position Bidstack as a leader within in-game advertising through earned media placements, in the form of contributed content and newsjacking. The public relations team created multiple narratives on the identified trends to secure placements and insert Bidstack into larger conversations around gaming and advertising. The public relations strategy also used these narratives to hyper-target journalists, focusing solely on marketing and advertising publications with a higher domain rank authority than Bidstack in the U.S. to drive targeted conversations around Bidstack with its key audiences and raise Bidstack’s rankings in search engine results. 



The public relations campaign increased Bidstack’s year over year placements by 76%. Following a 2020 year-end review of all Bidstack’s agency partners, of which they had three, Bidstack chose to retain only the team from Brass Tacks and The Abbi Agency, citing our unique approach of truly understanding not only the industry, but eloquently expressing the perspectives and opinions of its leaders both on and off paper.