Public Relations

Effective public relations campaigns deliver powerful results – but only if they’re based on solid strategy and supported by cutting-edge technological tools. 

At Brass Tacks Media, we believe performance-driven public relations initiatives should be the cornerstones of every marketing communications campaign. We combine strategic analysis, media connections and cutting-edge technologies that create credibility and success.

Consider our work, alongside our sister agency, The Abbi Agency, with Bidstack a leading in-game advertising platform. Bidstack faced a challenge: the in-game ad tech space was becoming crowded, and they needed to increase awareness in the U.S. To address this, we conducted thorough interviews with Bidstack’s leaders and a competitive content analysis. Our goal was to unearth Bidstack’s unique value and solutions, understanding its position in the market comprehensively.

We always take a collaborative approach. We prioritise a deep understanding of your business and objectives. We invest significant time in comprehending your goals and conducting research, ensuring your public relations campaigns effectively target the right audiences at the most opportune moments. Our strategy development is a joint process with an emphasis on tangible results. We maintain regular communication and adaptability, fostering a transparent feedback loop for continuous improvement. We don’t make glib promises of overnight success, nor do we confuse a one-shot press release with comprehensive, effective public relations. Instead, we focus on building a long-term partnership where trust and a real commitment to your ongoing success are at the heart of everything we do. 

We understand media. We know how to identify the outlets, digital as well as traditional, that speak to the audience you want to reach. We’ve spent years building relationships with reporters, editors and publishers at highly specialised media as well as the largest, glossiest traditional outlets. We don’t bombard the media with e-mailed press releases or hope that an editor might see a press release dropped onto a wire service. We’re highly intentional and skillful at every step. For Bidstack, we targeted high-ranking marketing and advertising publications in the U.S., using crafted narratives to insert Bidstack into larger conversations around gaming and advertising. 

Brass Tacks Media shares your commitment to measurable results, and we bring expertise in today’s technology to track the performance of public relations initiatives. Whether we’re working with a niche digital publication or a famed traditional outlet, we closely study the quality of its content, the psychographics of its readers and its ranking on popular search engines. We track how readers respond. We generate real-time data that helps you understand the positive impact of public relations on your business goals. In Bidstack’s case, our targeted approach led to a 76% increase in year-on-year placements. 

We help our clients achieve good positioning on Google and other search engines through search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that keep articles in front of interested audiences even if they missed the original publication. We understand that a large majority of consumers undertake research online before they make a purchase, and we understand that consumers pay closer attention to organic search results rather than paid results. Good SEO strategy is a key element of our work in public relations.If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch via

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