Strategic Social Media

Today’s environment demands a social media presence for brands, great and small, but a poorly conceived and executed initiative often proves to be worse than no presence at all. The social media expertise of Brass Tacks Media helps brands develop strategically strong social media campaigns that deliver well-defined results.

Brass Tacks Media understands the importance of compelling social media as a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies. We help organisations use social media to build brand awareness and develop strong connections with their audience. We know how to put social media to use as a powerful marketing tool.

Brands such as Airbnb and Viking Cruises have excelled on social media by understanding and catering to their unique audience demographics. Airbnb’s success comes from its focus on community and experiences, showcasing diverse and authentic travel experiences that resonate with younger, experience-driven audiences. Viking Cruises targets an older demographic effectively on Facebook, using tailored content that includes positive reviews and relatable experiences, resulting in high engagement.

Contrasting these successes, there have been notable missteps in the industry. At the other end of the spectrum, the loss of a little blue bird sparked one of 2023’s biggest social media failings. You guessed it right, Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter to ‘X’ and the removal of safety features sparked controversy. The reinstatement of banned accounts and the inability for users to block others led to increased hate speech and advertiser withdrawal. Musk’s defiant stance and choice of wording in interviews only worsened the situation, making it a turbulent year for the platform. This example highlights the critical importance of thoughtful social media strategy. 

Our team works closely with you to identify your goals before we leap into a social media campaign. We’re experts at identifying target audiences and finding the social media platforms where those audiences hang out. We know how to create high-quality, relevant content with powerful imagery and just the right tone of voice. We understand when a light-hearted touch might be appropriate — often, it turns out — and we recognise when inappropriate humour could bring a social media disaster. 

Brass Tacks Media focuses on consistent, well-timed messaging. We keep you in front of your audiences exactly when they expect to find you on social media. Strategic social media, of course, always stands together. It supports search engine optimisation, works closely with strategic public relations to build brand awareness, and allows users to transition seamlessly between social media and web platforms. Our team’s expertise ensures that your social media initiatives deliver results across your entire digital marketing landscape.

We hold ourselves to high standards of measurability. We track social media results carefully, watching trends as they unfold. We share our results with you, and we’re always ready to do some fine-tuning that might create an even more robust social media presence for your organisation.  

Brass Tacks Media takes social media seriously. Our professionals pride themselves on their ability to deliver measurable results that matter. Connect with us to see how we can elevate your brand’s social media presence. 

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