Finding the Ideal Travel PR Partner for Your Business

Effective promotion of a brand, destination, or service provides an ongoing challenge for destination marketers as they navigate the dynamic world of travel.

Many have found a partnership with a highly professional public relations firm to be a game-changer, especially when travel brands work across multiple cultures. The right touch makes all the difference, even in markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States that superficially appear to be similar to one another.

If you’re considering hiring a travel-oriented public relations firm in the UK, here’s what you should look for:

  • 1. Industry Specialisation
    Travel public relations is a niche field that requires specialised knowledge and contacts. It’s essential to engage with a media-relations firm that specialises in travel or has a robust travel division. They’ll be in tune with the latest industry trends, understand the unique needs of travel audiences, and have strong relationships with travel media outlets.
  • 2. Relevant Experience
    The UK travel market is distinct. It’s not the same as other markets in Europe, and it’s not the same as other English-speaking nations. Check for a firm’s experience with UK-based campaigns, events, and media engagements. Their case studies or past client experiences should provide valuable insight into their capabilities.
  • 3. Strong Media Relationships
    Media coverage is one of the primary objectives of public relations initiatives, and firms that have extensive contacts are far more likely to secure the attention of media professionals. Opt for firms that boast strong relationships with influential media outlets, journalists, and influencers in the travel sector. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific references.
  • 4. Creative Flair
    The travel industry thrives on creativity, and fresh thinking is far more likely to garner media coverage than stale ideas based on last year’s trends. Your public relations firm should bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table – from creative campaigns to unique event concepts. Ask to see examples of previous work.
  • 5. Adaptability
    The travel landscape always is in the midst of rapid change as the result of economic shifts, political upheaval, global pandemics and changing consumer tastes. Your public relations firm must be able to demonstrate resilience and adaptability. Be sure to ask for examples that show how the firm has pivoted quickly to meet new demands. 
  • 6. Digital Proficiency
    In today’s digital age, traditional public relations skills need to be complemented with digital content strategies. Ensure the firm is skilled in social media management, content creation, SEO, and influencer partnerships.
  • 7. Crisis Management Capabilities
    No one wants to think about unforeseen incidents that can generate negative publicity. But when bad things happen, your travel brand will be able to react wisely if it already has an ongoing relationship with a public relations firm that has crisis-management experience. This probably isn’t the primary reason you’re hiring a public relations firm, but an advisor who can act quickly and effectively is highly valued when difficulties arise.
  • 8. Transparent Reporting
    You know the adage: If it’s important to the business, count it. That’s true as well with public relations initiatives. It’s important to track the effectiveness of media-relations campaigns. You’ll want a public relations partner that provides transparent reporting mechanisms that allow you to track media placements, website traffic, engagement metrics, and return on investment. 
  • 9. Cultural Fit
    While skills and experience are vital, it’s equally crucial to partner with a firm that aligns with your company’s values and culture. The synergy between both teams can significantly influence the success of a campaign. Take time to know the principals of the firms you’re interviewing, and take even more time to meet the staff members with whom you’ll be working day-to-day. 

    Hiring the right travel public relations firm in the UK can be transformative for your brand. Successful investments not only promote your brand but also establish long-term relationships with customers, partners, and the media. Take time make a careful, well-informed decision, and you’ll be well-positioned to find the perfect public relations partner for your travel business.

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